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Private coaching sessions include evaluation of your game, observations of strengths and items of concern, how to effectively make improvements, a practice plan, and more.

Video analysis is also available with your coaching session and allows you and your coach to see your game from different angles and in slow motion for finer detail.

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Ron Hatfield

Ron Hatfield is one of only 26 USBC Gold Trained Coaches in the world. He served as Assistant Coach for Junior Team USA in 2002 and 2003 and was the Head Coach for the Ukraine National Bowling Teams from 2008 through 2013. Ron was the co-founder and Head Coach (7 years) for the nationally recognized and modeled high school bowling program at Westerville South (Ohio). He also served as Co-Head Coach for the Arizona State University Bowling Teams.

Ron also serves as a consultant to many bowling clubs and national teams around the world, as well as some college teams here in the US. He is active in conducting clinics and seminars for bowling globally. Ron has been voted as one of Bowling Journal International’s 100 Top Coaches every year since its inception in 2005. He is also the personal coach for PBA and World Champion, Rhino Page. Ron is one of the owners of the Ye Olde Pro Shoppe at the Columbus Square Bowling Palace.

Ron has been bowling since he was five years old. He has 15 - 300 games and a high series of 847. He was captain of the Ohio State University Bowling Program for three years and was an Academic All-American.

Ron can help you with whatever your bowling needs are, whether it is your physical game, mental game, lane play, or equipment. Individual and group lessons are available, as well as video analysis. Improve your game now and get more enjoyment out of the sport you love!

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Visit Ron's website at: rkhcoaching.com

Jeff Robinson

Coach Robinson has been coaching youth bowlers for over 40 years. In 2007, he earned his USBC Silver Training, and that same year he became the Head Coach of The Ohio State University Women’s Club Bowling Team. In 2008 he guided the ladies to their first appearance at the USBC Collegiate National Tournament. In 2010 he became the first Head Coach of the Notre Dame College Bowling Team. He coached at Notre Dame for 3 years, and the Falcons made two trips to the USBC Collegiate Sectionals Tournament. He coached the Marian University Men’s Team in Indianapolis for one season in 2013, where he guided the team to the USBC Collegiate National Tournament and a 5th place finish. He returned to the Bowling Club at Ohio State in 2019, and in 2020 guided the Women’s Team to the National Club Team Championship.

He also helped coach the Westerville Central High School Warhawks Bowling Team from 2007 until 2018. His focus was coaching the boy’s varsity team, leading them to several appearances at the Ohio High School State Tournament and a State Championship in 2017. He is a member of the RKH Coaching Group based out of the Palace Lanes in Columbus where he gives both private and group lessons. Also, he is currently the Head Coach for the Men’s and Women’s Bowling Teams at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio.

His personal successes with bowling include becoming the Pennsylvania State Youth Tournament Champion, bowling collegiately with Robert Morris College, and he has three 300 games.

He resides in Westerville, Ohio, with his wife, Lisa. He has two married sons and two grandchildren. He also enjoys playing golf. He is retired from Quadient, Inc. as a Government Account Executive.

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Yvonne Quiero

Yvonne Quiero is a USBC Silver Level Coach and has been bowling in leagues for more than 20 years. She has a passion for the sport, and although she doesn't get to bowl as often as she would like, she looks forward to the new opportunities that coaching brings.

Her interest in becoming a coach was sparked by her desire to help others who enjoy the sport and have a desire to be better bowlers. The opportunity to provide meaningful direction to youth and adult bowlers is worth every minute. Becoming a coach brought new perspective on the importance of the mental game and how to encourage others to increase their confidence in their own abilities. She has a son who enjoys the sport, and he is her inspiration.

In 2017, Yvonne joined the coaching staff of the Gahanna Lincoln High School Bowling Team and in 2018 became one of the Head Coaches. She is looking forward to continuing her work with the young athletes and hopes not only to improve their bowling skills, but also help them to be successful in life. This opportunity to give back by doing something she enjoys is priceless.

Jamie Robinson

Jamie is a USBC Silver Coach and one of the newest additions to the RKH Coaching Group. He has been Bronze trained since 2008, taking the class when he was 15 years old. After attending Westerville Central High School, he graduated from Notre Dame College where he excelled on the lanes and in the classroom. As a member of the NDC bowling team, he made 3 Intercollegiate Team Championship appearances.

Moving on from collegiate bowling, Jamie looks forward to giving back to the sport that has offered so much to him. Joining Ron and RKH was the perfect fit. He looks forward to working with everyone who is passionate about improving his or her bowling, beginner to advanced.

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Tony Claar

Tony Claar obtained his USBC Bronze Coaching training in 2019 and then followed that up with his Silver in 2021. He is currently the ladies varsity bowling coach for Olentangy Berlin High School. As a coach, he has led his teams to win multiple high school Baker tournaments in the Columbus area. Tony is the proud parent of two girls who bowled for Olentangy High School, and one of them currently bowls for Ohio State. In addition, he has two older children, both bowlers as well.

Tony grew up in Florida where he spent the first 35 years of his life. Tony obtained his love for the game from his father, who is still an avid bowler at the age of 77. After taking a 15 year break from bowling, Tony moved to the Columbus area in 2013 where he reconnected with his love of the game once more.

Currently, Tony is a competitive bowler, posting multiple 300 games and a high series of 847. He has also had multiple bowling seasons averaging greater than 235. Tony was a bowling pro shop owner in Orlando, Florida and enjoys working with youth bowlers of all ages.

Darrell Kelso

Darrell Kelso, known as Kelso to his friends and family, is a USBC Silver Level Coach. Kelso began bowling at the age of 10, but he took to his first love of football. He was a member of The Ohio State football team from 1995-1997. Kelso graduated in 2000 from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, with minors in Sociology and African American Studies.

Bowling was Kelso’s second love, and he was an avid bowler over the years but did not compete in tournaments or leagues. Kelso started competing in adult leagues in 2007 and became addicted to the game. His thirst for knowledge grew as the years went by, so he received his Bronze level in coaching in July of 2018 and pursued Silver in August of 2021. Kelso originally wanted the coaching knowledge to improve his own game, but he has found himself coaching other people more, especially youth bowlers.

Kelso brings a unique coaching mentality to the sport of bowling due to his experience on the football field. He has lots of energy, and his passion for the sport can be felt and heard in his presence. He is aggressive and believes in coaching people who want to get better, while ensuring that people have fun. Kelso is excited about bowling and brings a positive buzz to the sport. He is a tremendous addition to the RKH Coaching Group.

Todd Burns

Todd Burns is a USBC Silver Trained Coach. He grew up in a bowling family, and his grandfather introduced him to the sport at age 5. He has bowled various youth and adult leagues every year since. He has three 300 games and four 800 series, with a high of 834. He has two daughters who bowl, and watching them and their friends’ passion for the sport inspired him to become a certified coach. In 2018-19 he joined the coaching staff for the Gahanna (OH) Lincoln high school bowling teams where he serves as an assistant coach. He looks forward to being able to help grow the sport that has meant so much to him and his family.

Julie Wells

Julie has been coaching at some level for 35 years and she is USBC Silver Level Coaching Trained since 2007. Julie is one of the founding coaches (along with Ron Hatfield) of the Westerville South High School bowling program and was there from 2000-2005, and then she moved to Westerville Central in 2006 where she still remains as Head Coach. As a coach Julie has appeared at the Ohio High School State Championships 14 of the 16 years coaching.

Julie is part of the Ohio High School Athletic Association for Rules Interpretation since 2006 and is also on the Ohio High School Bowling Board of Directors since the board’s inception in 2009. Julie has appeared in the Bowlers Journal Top 100 Coaches from 2009-2014. In 2012 Julie was named the National Federation of High School Sports Coach of the Year for bowling.

Julie is no stranger to competition herself. She started bowling at 8 years of age, but at this time softball was a huge part of her life. As a senior in high school her team won the State Championship with Julie pitching a one hitter. After high school she went to West Texas A & M to focus more on her bowling career. In her years there she was two-time Collegiate All-American, was part of two National Championship Teams, and earned an MVP at the National Championships. After college Julie moved on the Lady’s Professional Bowling Tour where she earned a Northwest Regional Title and has numerous State and Local team, doubles, singles, and all-events titles. All of these earned her a spot in the Central Ohio USBC Hall of Fame in 2011.

As an adult Julie went on to work in the bowling industry and is currently the Assistant Manager of the Columbus Square Bowling Palace where she has been for 21 years. She gives lessons to people of many ages and talent levels, but has a passion for teaching the beginning steps to the game and helping get athletes enthusiastic about the game of bowling.

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Irion Mitchell

Irion Mitchell is currently a USBC Silver Trained Coach. He is the current Head Bowling Coach for Olentangy High School. He was an Assistant Coach for the Westerville South High School Bowling Program from 2000-2007. He also served as the Head Coach for the Boys’ Varsity Team from 2007-2009 and as an Assistant Coach for Columbus Academy School in the 2014-2015 bowling season and privately coaches a number of individuals, both adults and youth. Irion also coached High School Football for 13 years.

Irion is still a competitive bowler in the Columbus area and in many state and national tournaments. He possesses multiple honor scores in different centers. He is one of the owners of the Ye Olde Pro Shoppe, and in his spare time he is a singer, songwriter, and poet.

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Derek May

Derek May is a USBC Silver Trained Coach. He first picked up a bowling ball at 12 years of age and has been bowling ever since. He bowled in RKH Coaching Group junior leagues for 5 years. He also has pro shop experience and is currently working at Ye Olde Pro Shoppe. During his high school career, he bowled for Beechcroft (OH) High School. Currently he attends Bowling Green State University where he is a member of their collegiate bowling team. Early in his freshman season, he made his first All-Tournament team. While in college, he also competes in tournaments on his own time. He has a great passion for the sport and wants to take bowlers’ games to the next level.

Dave Hamrick

Dave's passion for bowling started after moving to Columbus, Ohio in 2005. After joining a league with a few co-worker's, he began spending most of his free time either bowling, watching bowling or reading about bowling. Dave became a USBC Bronze level coach in 2006 and a Silver coach in 2015. He was a member of the winning team in the Columbus City Mixed Team Tournament of 2009, and has achieved a high series of 810.

For several years he bowled in multiple leagues year-round before knee and back injuries changed his focus. Dave completed training and became a trained pro shop operator in 2011. He now bowls in leagues a couple times a week and is driven to help others reach their goals on the lanes through coaching and optimal use of equipment. In the summer of 2015 he realized another bowling dream by becoming an employee of Ye Olde Pro Shoppe.

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Ernest Sevous

Ernest Sevous has been a part of the bowling community for 46 years. He started bowling in the junior programs of Cleveland, Ohio. As a teenager, Ernest was able to experience high school bowling as well as Cleveland’s junior traveling league. His parents were avid bowlers who made sure he had every opportunity to bowl in many events. His first year of college bowling at Illinois Institute of Technology, Ernest led the conference with high average for that season. At Howard University, Ernest was a coach and member of an undefeated team in the MEAC conference. He stayed in Washington, DC for several years bowling in many of the area’s competitive leagues. He had the opportunity to work with one of the most successful junior programs in NCABA held at Capital Plaza lanes. In 1995 through 1997, Ernest was the captain of Team Unsponsored that made a few top ten finishes in the Brunswick World Team Challenge tournaments held throughout the country, with their best finish of 2nd place (by one pin) at the Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania stop.

In 1999, Ernest moved to Columbus, Ohio to get closer to his family that still resided in Cleveland. Ernest quietly joined the bowling community making friends along the way. He's competed in three different versions of the travel league and several of the area’s top scratch leagues and a few of the larger handicap leagues.

Ernest has several 300s in leagues and tournaments, four 800s with a high of 847. He’s participated in two US Opens with a composite 190 average, and he has won several tournaments throughout his bowling career.

Ernest would like to pass on his experience through coaching and help inspire those who want to listen. He obtained his USBC Bronze Training in June 2017 and his USBC Silver Training in November 2018.

Tamie Snyder

Tamie is a USBC Silver Trained Coach. Some of Tamie’s earliest memories were hanging out in a bowling center as a child while both her parents were there working. Her dad was an avid bowler and he instilled a lifelong fondness for bowling in Tamie. Several years ago she had the opportunity to help her son start a bowling team at Dublin Scioto High School where she became the head coach. This has rekindled her love of bowling, and she looks forward to growing the bowling program at Dublin Scioto High School and to improving her own bowling average.

Tamie loves working with kids and is excited to become a member of RKH Coaching Group and to help kids have fun while achieving their bowling goals.

Ron Lapping, Jr.

Ron Lapping, Jr. has been a USBC Silver Trained Coach for several years and does most of his coaching at the high school level. He has been an integral part of the coaching staff for Westerville Central (Ohio) High School Bowling Team for 7 years, and has helped guide them to many state championship appearances.

He is also a very good competitive bowler, posting a high game of 300 and a high series of 821. Ron has a fantastic coaching demeanor and communicates his messages very clearly. He has the knowledge and experience to coach bowlers of all ages and skill levels. He is a fantastic addition to the RKH Coaching Group.

Mary Tang

Mary Tang is a 3 time Junior Team USA member, and has had the opportunity to travel around the world, bringing a total of two gold medals, one silver medal, and one bronze back for the USA. She attended Westerville Central High School where she earned three First Team All-Ohio achievements, as well as a State Runner-Up team title and a State Champion title in 2010. During high school Mary participated in many tournaments earning 9 JTBA titles, 3 MJMA titles, and a National Youth Team Open title with another member of the RKH Coaching Group, Jamie Robinson. After high school Mary attended the University of Central Missouri where she earned one Academic All-American, one Second Team All-American, one First Team All-American, and Rookie of the Year in 2013. Mary is now pursuing her education at The Ohio State University. She is a USBC Silver Trained Coach.

Mary continues to bowl in high-level tournaments and has aspirations to make Team USA again in the future. She looks forward to learning more about the game through helping others.

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Greg VanGundy

Greg has been involved in the sport of bowling since the age of 5, and he won the Ohio State Coca Cola title (now called the Pepsi Tournament) as a youth bowler. He started working at Southern Bowling & Billiards in 1993 while going to college and has been in the bowling business ever since. In 2007, he opened Ye Olde Pro Shoppe along with Ron Hatfield, Irion Mitchell, and Keith Miller. In 2015 he and his partners opened up their second location at Capri Lanes.

Greg has been a member of Storm’s player staff since 2014 and has been a member of Turbo Grips Staff since 2009. He also served as an assistant coach for the Westerville Central bowling program from 2007-2009.

Greg earned his USBC Coaching Bronze training in 2017, and he furthered his coaching education by getting his Silver in 2019.

Jay Hendershot

Jay Hendershot actively competes at a high level both locally and nationally. He has a strong desire to make a difference to those with whom he comes in contact and seeks to promote our sport and brands in the best ways possible.

Jay's love for the sport began at the age of 6. While growing up he travelled the state of Ohio with friends and family to many youth and pre-college tournaments with much success. He selected his college based on his love for the sport as well. While he was accepted at the Ohio State University, he found his niche in eastern Kentucky bowling for the Morehead State University Eagles. Their team was nationally ranked 3rd and 5th while he attended. In 1992, during his senior year, they won the ACU-I National Championship.

His first job out of college was straight into the bowling industry with AMF bowling centers in their Management training program. After only eight months he was fast-tracked into his own 24 lane center in Nashville Tennessee. He worked within the bowling industry for 4 years before leaving for a more life-balanced career in investment products and data analytics.

Jay is a USBC Silver Trained Coach, on the Ye Olde Pro Shoppe Player Staff, and is a Storm Bowling Products Specialist.

Career High Average - 230
300 games - 25
800 series - 8

• Morehead State University - 1988-92
• ACU-I Collegiate Team Men’s National Champions - 1992
• Central Ohio USBC City Team Scratch Tournament Record - 3,635
• Central Ohio USBC City Team Scratch Champions - 2010 & 2011
• Ohio Intercity Team Actual and All Events Scratch Champion - 2010
• 2023 Central Ohio USBC high Scratch Series - 878 (279, 299 & 300)
• Former regional staff member of the Brands of Brunswick (10 years)

Harold Chadwick

Harold Chadwick is a bowler, a coach, a ball driller and an advisor. He loves being in the sport of bowling and he loves every role he plays. Harold grew up bowling on the north side of Columbus and has remained in Columbus his entire life. He remembers having many meals bowling double shifts in youth leagues and really wishes organized high school bowling would have been around in his youth.

Harold loves traveling to tournaments and meeting bowlers from all over. He has had many good bowling performances and finishes along the way including Ohio Matchplay, OTBA, and Warren Masters to name a few. He goes to Las Vegas to bowl events quite often and has won the senior division and finished second overall at the Las Vegas Open.

Harold’s 300 game count is over 50 and has a high series of 867 (triplicate 289). Even with those accomplishments, he knows he is always still learning and improving his game. He looks forward to coaching and helping bowlers of all ages and abilities. Don’t be shy - when you see Harold in a bowling center, be sure to say ‘hello’ - he loves meeting new people.

Christina Del Vecchio

Christina is currently a USBC Silver Trained Coach. Her love for the sport began at a very young age. She bowled in youth leagues at her home lanes till High School. She attended Chestnut Hill College where she succeeded on and off the lanes. She made several all tournament teams and received the Chestnut Hill Women's Bowling MVP award two years in a row during her time there. She looks forward to giving back to the community and working with all age groups.

Brian Neubauer

Brian has been bowling since he was in youth leagues. He has two boys who both started bowling around the age of 10. Both boys currently bowl at national level events, and Jacob is currently bowling at the college level on scholarship. As their interest in bowling grew, Brian started to get more into the coaching aspect of bowling. In 2022 he achieved his Bronze level training from USBC, and at about the same time he also joined the coaching staff at Pickerington North (Ohio) High School as an assistant coach.

On the personal side, Brian owns and operates an automotive repair shop. That keeps him busy, along with racing super-modifieds for his family race team. Racing is something his family has been involved with since he was born.

Brian has coached many sports throughout the years, mainly because he loves to see when athletes learn and to see the players and people they become. It is his goal to help continue to grow the sport of bowling by promoting it and by coaching our youth to improve their skills and to foster youth leagues and high school competition.

Nick Pugh

Nick Pugh is a USBC Bronze Trained Coach and currently resides in Pickerington, Ohio. He is an avid supporter of all youth sports and has recently taken the dive into coaching one of his favorites - bowling. By day, Nick operates a vendor management company and has been happily married now for over 17 years to his business partner, his best friend, and the mother of their two beautiful daughters, Emma and Chloe. He finds excitement and fulfillment in seeing the youth of today succeed. Growing up as a kid and frequenting the bowling center for weekly leagues with family was a great experience, and an impactful one for Nick.

Fast forward to now having a tournament bowler and a competitive gymnast as daughters is really a special experience for Nick and his wife. He has an immense amount of love for watching kids grow into their best versions of themselves. Nick is a firm believer in training, weekly practice, and the old adage “Success is no accident. It’s hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love what you are doing.”

Nick looks forward to using his coaching knowledge and his passion for helping youth to the lanes for the RKH Coaching Group and its league bowlers.

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