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Dave Hamrick helped me identify some key aspects of my setup, swing and release that I could improve upon. He has offered some solid tips and tricks to help my transition into a more mechanically sound bowler. My accuracy and revolutions have improved significantly. The education that he provides has helped me to improve on certain mental aspects of bowling as well. As everyone knows, equipment is also very important in bowling. Dave is certified in ball drilling. He has set me up with the right equipment and the right layouts for the way I throw the ball.

- Andrew Best

Dave’s easy-going personality makes him a great coach to work with. I can always ask questions or comment on aspects of my game and know that he will listen and give honest feedback. He takes bowling seriously and works professionally, but adds his own brand of humor to connect and illustrate the game in new ways. His ideas and instructions are explained simply. As someone who has only relatively recently been interested in competitive bowling, I know that Dave will always slow down and explain the more complex parts of the game that I am still learning. He is a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of the game. Working with Dave has brought my performance to a new level mechanically and mentally. He is very encouraging and will give advice and support whenever it is needed. Dave is easy to talk to--a great friend and a great coach. I recommend him to anyone looking for a fresh perspective on their game.

- Krysten Jablonowski

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