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I have been working with Blair for nearly a year, and she has been super helpful. She sees things that my youth league coaches donít, and since she is also a girl, she is able to help me correct things. She is also nice and really listens to what I am saying and takes that into account. She also can sense when I am getting too frustrated and doesn't push me too far.

- Zoe Paxhia-Poppaw, age 14

Two years ago I picked up a pink 14 pound house ball at the Columbus Square Bowling Palace, and it changed my life. Blair Blumenscheid was the assistant coach for the Westerville Central girls bowling team, and she taught me almost everything I know about the game of bowling. I still remember Blair trying teach me a 4 step approach that ended up being 5 steps. Blair was always patient with me, understanding I was new to the game. After every shot at every tournament she would be standing there to either high five us or tell us the adjustments we needed to make the spare. I learned so much about the mental and physical game from Blair my first two years bowling. Today, I bowl for the Wright State women's team, and I would not be the bowler I am today if it wasn't for Blair's coaching.

- Gina Scarborough, 19

Blair has been working with my daughter for nearly a year now and has been nothing but helpful. As a parent, I was looking for a coach who was able to relate well with my kid. Blair is able to do this very well. During sessions, she is able to identify what should be worked on and explains it in a way that makes it possible for a teenage girl to comprehend. Blair also has the sense of knowing how far to go in a session. My daughter is prone to frustration, and Blair seems to feel when to continue, change drills, or call it a day depending on my kidís attitude. Blair also doesnít try to cram too much into a session, but rather focuses on one thing at a time. I would not hesitate to recommend Blair.

- Jeff Poppaw, parent

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